Acting Routines

I found that if I’m not constantly practicing acting, the skill gets kind of rusty and the next time I need to shoot a scene- confidence is not there.

There are few things that I do to keep the acting muscle exercised:

  • Attend classes and read about all sorts of acting techniques, tips and anything in between that I can dig up – acting related. Then I go try that stuff out.
  • Learn and practice scenes. I find this very, very useful when in between acting jobs- learning, rehearsing and shooting scenes is what really helps me to stay on top of my skill and keep my confidence. It also points out areas I need to work on more- win win win.
  • Read out loud daily. It helps with diction.
  • Exercise, to keep my body fit and ready for whatever the next role brings.

PSX_20190606_141357HERE is the latest scene I’ve done, it’s from The OA. We took the liberty of making BBA male, meet Broderick aka Mike Esposito. David Ryan and Farhad Rahmani were the awesome camera men and Farhad also doubled up on sound. Edit by me.

Hope you enjoy our little exercise, and if you haven’t seen The OA, you know what to do. It’s amazing!

@netflix – Hey, save the OA! We love it and want more!

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