Short Film “Hanna wins” (in post-production)

He came back from the dead to make sure she can make it.

See teaser trailer here. Credits: director | producer 


Short Film “If I would have been back home”

She moved country after finding out about cheating boyfriend, only to understand that a colleague and best friend from back home could have been The One, but a tad late.

See full movie hereCredits: writer | director | actress | DP | editor | producer


Short Film “Night Out in Killashandra” (currently shown at festivals)

Modern way to meet the opposite sex and classic male-female misinterpretation.

You can request a link with password to view it through Contact section.

Credits: writer | director | actress | editor | producer


Short Film “Banter” (in post-production)

A troubled man, who has just been diagnosed with mental illness, unexpectedly finds a way of dealing with it.

Credits: director | producer