Bingo story OUT NOW

We captured this wonderful story of Liz and her Bingo game recently, you can view it below.

I can say that I’ve also tried playing said game thereafter and I have even won a Newbridge Silverware Christmas decoration! Woohooo! 🙂 It was great fun!

Thank you Liz for keeping the community spirits high.

EuroNews Ocean series

A couple of weeks back I was out in beautiful Ardgroom, Co Cork producing an episode for EuroNews Ocean Series.

Episode is due to be aired TODAY at approximately 20:30 PM on EuroNews, and will be posted ONLINE HERE thereafter. You can catch it streaming live at these approximate times on EuroNews TV channel or EuroNews live online (8 min watch):


Tuesday 22nd Dec:  20:50 

Wednesday 23rd Dec: 12:50, 22:50 

Thursday 24th Dec: 5:50, 17:45 

Friday 25th Dec: 1:30, 14:50 

Saturday: 26th Dec 08:50, 12:50, 19:50 

Sunday 27th Dec: 13:10, 16:10, 22:10 

Monday 28th Dec: 06:50, 14:50

HERE is a 2 min video on how Covid -19 has affected the business of mussel production.

Because of restrictions due to Covid-19, show producer Denis Loctier and his team could not be here in Ireland in person, so myself, Napoleon and Paul-Michelle jumped in to help. I hope we did it justice. We certainly had great fun shooting it and being around such picturesque places as Ardgroom and Kenmare and meeting the lovely lovely people out there.

The story we shot is about mussel farming, Kush Shellfish, it’s owner John Harrington and his team. We also interviewed Richard Donnelly of BIM. You’ll get to see how mussels are farmed and hear the story behind it.

P.S. We did get to try the mussels ourselves, and I can safely say they were the best I’ve had so far. Omnomnom.

Shooting video for European Commission

It’s been a busy couple of months for me, thankfully, despite Covid-19 lockdown 2.0 in Ireland. I’ve been editing corporate videos for Abbott Laboratories and helping my colleague Napoleon Ramos to shoot some footage for European Commission.

Check out the video we shot back in September. It’s an interview with Suaad Alshleh, a Syrian refugee in Ireland, who earned exceptional marks on her leaving certificate and got accepted for a scholarship with Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

Last week, we have been tasked to find stories of how people came together and helped each other during Covid times. We submitted a number of proposals, and shot the one that was chosen.

Here is a picture of us working in Ballymore Eustace, shooting local community and a Bingo Lotto game organised by lovely Elizabeth Deegan. Out soon.

This week we’ve been out and about the streets of Dublin to document how the city is doing during Covid-19 lockdown 2.0. – how the streets are looking and how businesses have adapted to the new restrictions and guidelines.

Keep your eyes peeled for the videos coming out soon. I will post on here and social media, and I’m sure you will find them on European Commission / European Parliament social media channels too.

For now- Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Woody Allen and justice

I wrote a script on #metoo that we made into movie – “Hear a No”. I very much stand with the movement. But. What I don’t stand with is false accusations, which also happen. Evidence suggests that Woody Allen is not guilty, and yet the film industry still treats him as guilty. That doesn’t sit right with me. 

I have to admit, for a while, I felt it would be wrong to mention his name as someone I aspire to be alike as a filmmaker, because of the press around the molestation case. Just to be on the safe side. But no, that’s not right. The allegations are fishy. They were never proven. Psychologists looked into it and testified. Court looked into it. Nothing was proven.  

Woody’s films are films I look up to. He’s got this particular blend going that just makes them magical. Midnight in Paris is one of my favourite films by Woodie Allen and overall, probably.

There, I’ve said it. Learning to not be afraid to use my voice. Learning from the movement that is going on in America right now with Black Lives Matter. Silence doesn’t help. Black Lives Matter. Justice Matters. Leave Woody be. He was never proven guilty but yet gets treated as such by so many.

Here is an article by Irish Times, that has prompted me to write this post. 

“Hanna Wins” online release – Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year, which makes perfect reason to share “Hanna Wins”, a Halloween themed film online. Click HERE to watch it. Happy Halloween!

(English and Russian subtitles (CC) available on YouTube, you can select either one of these languages in video settings.)

What is it about? In short: He came back from the dead to make sure she can make it.

The film was made as part of Dublin Filmmakers Collective Halloween challenge 2017 where we had to write, shoot and complete a short film on a theme of Halloween within the month of October. I wanted to do a ghost story, however Giorgio, writer of the screenplay, also happens to be Italian.. Hence the upgrade from just a ghost story to a ghost story with a mafia (well, Dublin gangster) twist.

Initial version of the film was screened on a Halloween Night in 2017, however final version of the project was completed and screened on a Halloween Night of 2018. Released online – Halloween 2019. Hope you enjoy it!