EuroNews Ocean series

A couple of weeks back I was out in beautiful Ardgroom, Co Cork producing an episode for EuroNews Ocean Series.

Episode is due to be aired TODAY at approximately 20:30 PM on EuroNews, and will be posted ONLINE HERE thereafter. You can catch it streaming live at these approximate times on EuroNews TV channel or EuroNews live online (8 min watch):


Tuesday 22nd Dec:  20:50 

Wednesday 23rd Dec: 12:50, 22:50 

Thursday 24th Dec: 5:50, 17:45 

Friday 25th Dec: 1:30, 14:50 

Saturday: 26th Dec 08:50, 12:50, 19:50 

Sunday 27th Dec: 13:10, 16:10, 22:10 

Monday 28th Dec: 06:50, 14:50

HERE is a 2 min video on how Covid -19 has affected the business of mussel production.

Because of restrictions due to Covid-19, show producer Denis Loctier and his team could not be here in Ireland in person, so myself, Napoleon and Paul-Michelle jumped in to help. I hope we did it justice. We certainly had great fun shooting it and being around such picturesque places as Ardgroom and Kenmare and meeting the lovely lovely people out there.

The story we shot is about mussel farming, Kush Shellfish, it’s owner John Harrington and his team. We also interviewed Richard Donnelly of BIM. You’ll get to see how mussels are farmed and hear the story behind it.

P.S. We did get to try the mussels ourselves, and I can safely say they were the best I’ve had so far. Omnomnom.

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