Behind the scenes photos and video of Old Age Poem short film

Behind the scenes video of Old Age Poem short film I had a pleasure helping out with this year can be viewed —> HERE


I’ve been running around with camera to take behind the scenes photos, phone to shoot some videos and took care of the clapperboard business. Busy day, but totally enjoyed that!

🎞️ NoWiFi project
📜 Poem written by Mike Timms
💁🏼‍♀️ Director Caroline Hill
🎥 DOP Todd Sheets and Arthur Janowsky
🎬 Assistant camera Lina Jalala
🎧 Sound engineer Anthony Egan
🎭 Actor Mike Timms
🎞️📲 BTS video by Lina Jalala @LiminiCreative shot entirely on OnePlus5 phone while multitasking as AC and BTS photographer